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LED Color Stip Kit

The LED Color Strip Kit is based on a strip of six different color LEDs and a 65-page activity booklet that illustrates the properties of LEDs and semiconductor materials with a series of hands-on, minds-on activities. Because semiconducting materials found in LEDs are grown virtually an atomic layer at a time, light-emitting diodes represent an exciting application of nanotechnology.

The kit includes a printed circuit board with 6 different color LEDs and a capacitor, a diffraction grating, a fiber optic, a luminescent cap, and an incandescent bulb.

To order a kit contact the Institute for Chemical Education.

This kit was created by Jonathan Breitzer, S. Michael Condren (Christian Brothers University), George C. Lisensky (Beloit College), Karen J. Nordell (Lawrence University), Cynthia G. Widstrand (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Arthur B. Ellis (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and edited by Kathleen Shanks Rehder.